Authored and Edited Books

Complete Listing of Authored Books

 Creating America’s Future:  Stopping Decay with Citizens, Students and Strategies.  Rowman & Littlefield/University Press.  August 2008.

Customer Friendly:  The Organizational Architecture of Service. Rowman & Littlefield/University Press, May 2007. (CHOICE award; IIAS award)

Strategic Planning: Cases, Concepts, & Lessons (2nd Edition). Rowman & Littlefield/University Press. October, 2006.

Organization and Management Problem Solving:  A Systems and Consulting Approach, Sage: 2002.

Relearning Strategic Planning:  Lessons of Philosophy and Procedures.  Lawrence Kansas:  Allen Press, November 1996.  Excerpt in Across the Board (March 1997).

The Organizational Path to Health Care Quality.  Health Administration Press, Ann Arbor, MI (1993).

Designing Organizational Futures: A Systems Approach to Strategic Planning with Cases for Public and Non-profit Organizations.  Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL (1989).

Organizational Troubleshooters: Resolving Problems with Customers and Employees.  Jossey Bass, San Francisco (1988).

DRG’s & Hospital Impact: An Organizational Systems Analysis.  McGraw Hill, New York (1985).

Patient-Client-Employee Complaint Programs: An Organizational Systems Model. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL (1985).

Behavioral Scientists in Courts and Corrections.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York (1985).

Patients Rights and Professional Practice.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York (1983).

Patients Rights and Organizational Models:  Sociotechnical Systems Research on Mental Health Programs.  University Press of America, Lanham, Md. (1983).


Complete Listing of Edited and Reference Books

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